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Is she hopeful? Or just gullible?

4x09 Tunguska

I do really quite love this two-parter. But then, I just have a big girl-boner for the Black Oil arc. And in this arc we get Skinner-goodness, Krycek-goodness and fucking gulags. Awesome, yo. SRS-ly awesome.

It must suck to be a customs official. Yeah, the power over people would have its perks, but you'd have to handle some yucky stuff. Like alien cancers wot crawl up into your body for example. My experiences with customs officials have always been pretty funny. Especially that time I tried to bring a knife into the country. LMAO. Good times.

Mulder's exposition at the beginning makes me laugh. It's so clunky. I mean, why the hell would Scully even be there, if she didn't already know all this. Did Mulder just call her in the middle of the night and said 'I need to you come to this random dockyard. Bring your helmet and automatic weapons.' Actually, he probably did do that.

LOL @ Krycek the rat. He's such a big flirt in this episode.

Scully: What do you want, Krycek?
Krycek: Same thing you do. (Sex with Mulder.)

And this always makes me laugh: "Truth! There is no truth! These men just make it up as they go along."

LOL. That goes for the writers of this show too.

It's so fun to see that guy running through the airport and sending people flying!

Let's have a round of applause for Skinner with his tits out. And another one for Krycek hanging off a building.

I find the scene between Mulder and Marita really weird. What exactly is being implied? Is she suggesting they have sex, and Mulder turned her down? Or what? No time passed right? I don't understand it. Someone needs to explain it to me.

God, all the stuff in the gulag terrifies me. I don't like to think that places like that really still exist in the world. But they do, of course. Yesterday I watched a film about Keenan and McCarthy. And that happened in my lifetime. That terrifies me.

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