Is she hopeful? Or just gullible? (crazypalefreak) wrote in xfepcountdown,
Is she hopeful? Or just gullible?

4x12 Kaddish

Although this is one of the less interesting MOTWs, it always makes me cry a bit, because it's so devastatingly sad. The funeral scene at the beginning is powerfully done, intercutting between Isaac's murder and his wife's face. Stunning. I do care about this episode, but for some reason I never really watch it. Probably because it just makes me depressed.

Another thing that depresses me is that Mulder and Scully keep pronouncing Jacob Weiss's name wrong. They could at least try!

I love Mulder's PWNSOME comment here:

Brunjes: What kind of Jew trick is this?
Mulder: A Jew pulled it off two thousand years ago.

Is it just me, or does every episode of this show have one character saying 'The truth!?' at some point. Either angrily or incredulously. I know it's a theme of the series, but Jesus, it's every damn episode.

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