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Is she hopeful? Or just gullible?

4x13 Never Again

Another episode that divides the fans! I love ones like this. And perhaps unsurprisingly, as I'm all about the Scully-love, I think this ep is great.

I like to think of it as The Evil Tattoo Episode, aka Scully Gets Laid! Yes, I do think she had sex with Ed. I know it's 'ambiguous', but I've never been able to watch it any differently. It makes me laugh that some fans can say 'No, they didn't have sex because it doesn't explicitly say so!' in this episode, but change tack when it comes to 'all things'. LMAO. Scully had her own little rebellion in this episode, and it totally backfired and she ended up right where she was. It's sad, but necessary I think. It makes perfect sense that she would do this, and it makes her a stronger woman for it. She gets pushed around by Mulder enough, it was about damn time she said 'Nope, sorry, I'm not going to do anymore of this crap.' Of course, nothing changes, because secretly she does like doing this crap, she does want to help Mulder, and the X Files has become her life.

The first shot after the credits of Scully just standing there, totally failing to care about the case, is hilarious. And the scene in their office is so much fun. I mean, it's sad that there's antagonism between them. But when you know what's coming up in the rest of the season, you've gotta love scenes like that.

Oh, and as you've probably gathered by me rewatching this one before Leonard Betts, I think it's important to watch these eps in shooting order, not airing order. Gillian Anderson has said that she would have played this ep differently had it come after Scully knew about her cancer, so I watch it this way. And I like that Scully loses her way in this one, and finds it again in Memento Mori, when she realises how important Mulder's strength and faith are to her.

We get so much Scully-character stuff in the bar scene, and that hot moment when he raises her hand to her and she's gasps. It's interesting that she gets the tattoo in the place where Mulder looked at her mosquito bites in the Pilot. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. I like to think so :)

Hee! You can tell that when Ed tells Scully that his tattoo talks to him, Scully is thinking 'Oh shit. This guy is even more crazy than Mulder!'

The final scene is wonderfully awkward. God, I love that shit. He really does act like a disappointed father, doesn't he?

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