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Is she hopeful? Or just gullible?

4x14 Leonard Betts

You know what, this is a fab episode. I never really think of it as a whole story, just as The OMG Scully Cancer Episode. Which really does it a disservice. It's great that a regular MOTW suddenly gets promoted to MythArc status in the last few minutes, but in the end it just overshadows it.

The best thing about this ep is that it manages to be both hilarious and totally disgusting. Ripped off thumbs and new bodies coming out of mouths and stuff. URGH URGH URGH.

Hee! I love squeamish!Mulder! "That's his...head." And then we get bonus squeamish!Scully who just can't face cutting into a moving head. I can't really blame her. It's typical Scully behaviour to try and medical-jargon her way out of it. LMAO.

One of my favourite Scully quotes ever: "I mean, you're not suggesting that a headless body kicked his way out of a locked morgue freezer, are you?"

HOW CREEPY IS IT that Leonard would volunteer to read to cancer patients? He'd be sitting there thinking 'Mmmmm, I can't wait for you to finally die so I can munch on your lungs.'

Oh, I heart Chuck. But I always notice that he lifts the film he just put into the photographic solution and pulls out an entirely different one from under it. It's a real 'Here's one the prop guys made earlier!' moment and it cracks me up.

I suppose it really was an amazing moment in television, when it was revealed that Scully had cancer. Maybe I'm totally wrong here, but 10 years ago cancer was a much scarier prospect than it is now. I'm not belittling people who have experienced cancer, or losing someone close to them to the disease. Cancer is still very upsetting, but 10 years ago it meant 'Certain Death' to me. Or maybe that was just my 13 year old way of thinking. I only wish it had been a surprise to me, but living in the UK, I was well aware of this plotline before I even started watching the season. I remember some boys on a school trip mocking me for being so upset about it. They kept talking about her being bald :(

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