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Is she hopeful? Or just gullible?

4x15 Memento Mori

Oh, this episode. Bravo to absolutely everyone involved because this really is sterling stuff. Imagine how it could have been. It could have just been horrible, sentimental rubbish with lots of intense hospital room scenes and everyone crying. But this is both beautifully heartfelt and actually quite exciting and action-packed.

I honestly can't get enough of the first scene between M & S. Scully looks so little! And Mulder really cannot deal with the news, and then later when he's talking Scully into going to see Penny, it's just... oh. I can't handle it either. And don't even get me started on the scene between Scully and her mum. The journey that Mrs Scully goes on in the space of about 3 minutes is incredible. Well done Sheila Larkin, well fucking done.

The narration always reminds me of Mulder talking to Scully on the dictaphone in 'Little Green Men' and Scully's log in 'Dod Kalm'. I love that they're always talking to each other, even when they can't be beside each other.

Bless Skinner for pretending to Mulder that there are some things more important than Scully's life, and then totally sacrificing everything for her to CSM.

Woah, Kurt Crawford really looks like Robert Webb.

Is anything more gorgeous than the look Scully gives Mulder as he says 'Come on back'? Ummm.... nope. There isn't. That's the gorgeousest thing ever. And that includes my cat's feet.

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