Is she hopeful? Or just gullible? (crazypalefreak) wrote in xfepcountdown,
Is she hopeful? Or just gullible?

4x17 Tempus Fugit

Another GREAT two-parter. Wow, Season Four was actually pretty awesome.

It's lovely to see Max back. I know some of the more hardcore fans really loved him, so its kinda just fanservice in a way. But yay for that anyway!

Where did the Plane!Assassin get the bullet from, eh? He had a spring in his pen, so it must have been there. I'll always remember that Malkovich got his out of a rabbit's foot keyring in "In The Line Of Fire". I was deeply impressed.

So much love for every second of the Birthday scene. Especially that Mulder keeps clapping for ages after everyone else has stopped and looks quite demented. I only just noticed that on this rewatch.

And I can't decide if I love or hate Mulder for always sounding crazy in front of strangers. I mean, it embarrasses Scully, but then he's just standing up and saying what he believes, which isn't always easy. And we can't stop people from doing that, because then wars start, and people are being burnt at the stake in the town square.

The crash site is intense stuff. And I really like the man who's in charge of the investigation. You really do get the impression that he's been tidying up plane crashes for 18 years.

9 minutes! Lovely lovely Pilot callback.

Aww. The Bloodied Business Card breaks my heart.

WHY THE HELL would you try and drive under a landing plane? It's so chronically stupid that it doesn't matter how impressive it might look. You're risking the lives of hundreds of people. Eejits.

Mulder does not look good in that Scuba gear! And is it just me, or does it just look like he found a fairground ride down there?

Oh, Pendrell. You poor sweet ginger geek <3

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