Is she hopeful? Or just gullible? (crazypalefreak) wrote in xfepcountdown,
Is she hopeful? Or just gullible?

4x19 Synchrony

A nice solid MOTW here. I always enjoy this episode, because I'm a sucker for Time Travel stories. That said, I don't really buy the whole 'going back in time to prevent yourself from ever being able to go back in time' thing. Surely that's paradoxical?

Hanyway. The stuff with Mulder quoting Scully back to herself is cute, just like it was in 'Paper Hearts' when she did it to him. What disturbs me though, is that Scully says 'I was 23 when I wrote that', like that's a ridiculously naive age to be, and that you can automatically dismiss anything she wrote. I'm 23 as I write this now, dammit! And I'm not naive (much).

And I know M & S have seen some disturbing stuff over the years, but after seeing a man come back to life, only to then set on fire from the inside out, I would need some serious therapy.

And apparently 10 years after the events of this story, the first steps towards time travel were being taken. It's 11 years later, dudes. Where's my jetpack already?!

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