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X Files Episode A Day!
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Countdown To The Second X Files Movie With An Episode A Day
Hey there, X Files fans!

The impossible has happened and it looks very likely we'll soon have a second X Files movie upon us. This is all very exciting, but I feel woefully underprepared! Maybe I should rewatch the show, and get myself up to date with all the X Files canon before the big release...

It just so happens that there are 201 episodes (and a movie) and there are 202 days until the release. How handy! An episode a day would suit me just fine.

So I'm going to watch one episode of the X Files a day for the next 6 and a bit months. And what's more, I'm going to let the world (well, LiveJournal) know what I think of them. And I invite you to let me know what you think too.

A couple of warnings: a) I am by no means an accomplished reviewer of any sort. So these will be pretty amateur. But what they lack in panache they'll make up for with enthusiasm! b) Occasionally I have a social life, and so I'll get a bit behind sometimes. I'll catch myself up though. And I won't skip the episodes I really dislike. c) I live in the UK, so I'm counting down to 1st August 2008. That's a week later than the US release date, I'm afraid. You can carry on if you want, but I'll always be a week behind.

So if this looks like something you might like to partake in, please do! I'll put a link in this here User Info to anyone else doing it, and it might be really fun to read each other's thoughts. If you only want to comment here on a couple of episodes now and again, that would be great too. I'm carrying on regardless. I'm a X Files Fan Steamroller. They'll be no stopping me now :)